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Stuffed Animals, Dress-Ups, Baby Toys, and More!
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Most Popular Toys & Gifts by Douglas Cuddle Toys

Stuffed Dogs

Stuffed Horses

Lil Snugglers





Farm Animals

Stuffed Animals
by Douglas Cuddle Toys

With more than 30 Breeds of Dogs in sizes ranging from 6" to 32" to choose from, including stuffed Corgies, stuffed Bichons, and even stuffed Huskies, you are sure to find exactly what you're looking for, especially hard-to-find breeds.

Hundreds of other cuddly stuffed animals including stuffed Llamas, stuffed Horses, stuffed Giraffes, stuffed Chipmunks, stuffed Dragons, and stuffed Unicorns are all in stock and ready for immediate shipment.

Wings and Masks
by Douglas Cuddle Toys

Active Fantasy and Dress-Up Play. Choose From Beautifully detailed Dresses, Wings and Masks designed in Europe by NoaPoa, exclusively available from Douglas.

To make gift giving easy, we'll Professionally Gift Wrap and send your gifts directly to the lucky recipients with a beautiful, hand-written, and free gift card!

Soft Toys for Babies
by Douglas Cuddle Toys

Choose from our unique selection of baby blankets, or Lil Snugglers as we like to call them, cuddly, incredibly soft and cozy Sshlumpies to cuddle up with, and our big, smushy Cuddle Mats for babies to lounge on and feel warm and safe with.

As always, to make gift giving easy, we'll Professionally Gift Wrap and send your gifts directly to the lucky recipients with a beautiful, hand-written, and free gift card!

Personalized Gifts
by Douglas Cuddle Toys

What makes a gift even more special? Personalization with custom embroidery! Nothing says, "Hey, you're one of a kind!" like a custom embroidered gift from Douglas Cuddle Toys. Choose from dozens of blankets, dolls, and toys that can be personalized with the recipients name, date of birth, or any message you wish.

And to make gift giving easy, we'll Professionally Gift Wrap and send your gifts directly to the lucky recipients with a beautiful, hand-written, and free gift card!

If you have questions about getting your Douglas products personalized, please visit our Personalization Page, call us at
516.665.2730, or send us an e-mail to
Customer Product Reviews
for Douglas Cuddle Toys

Douglas Cuddle Toys Mushie Black Penguin (med) (1687)

Reviewed on 05/12/2020 by Laura
great quality product

Douglas Cuddle Toys Legend Snowy Owl (3839)

Reviewed on 11/12/2018 by Barbara H. Cullen
delightful plush owl goof price and received very fast

Douglas Cuddle Toys Wizard Snowy Owl (3841)

Reviewed on 09/04/2018 by Mary Ormiston
The detail on this owl is amazing. Has fur/feathers that is SO SOFT! This is quality material and sewn with utmost attention to detail. Very stunning to look at and so soft to cuddle with. My son says it looks like the Harry Potter Owl. Wizard Snowy Owl we received looks just like the photo online. We didnt get a deformed misshapen plush like we have from other companies. The fur/feathers on the wings is stunning with the black and white ticking and wispy fur. Eyes are beautiful and such a stunning piece to look at.

Douglas Cuddle Toys Snow Queen Arctic Fox (1893)

Reviewed on 09/04/2018 by Mary Ormiston
Bought the Snow Queen Arctic Fox for my son for his birthday. This is probably the softest fur on any plush he owns. This Arctic Fox (or my son says looks like a white wolf too) is very well made and the toy we received looks exactly like the photo online. Not all smooshed and thrown together like you get from other companies. Fur is exceptionally soft, and of fine quality and doesn't "shed" easily. Sewn with utmost care and made to last. My son plays with his stuffed animals and they hold up to rough play and multiple posing. Very happy with my purchase!

Douglas Cuddle Toys Silky White Tiger Cub (1870)

Reviewed on 09/04/2018 by Mary Ormiston
Bought this Silky White Tiger Cub for my son for his birthday. Very soft and adorably cute! All Douglas plush we buy are very well made. The plush we receive looks like the picture unlike some companies where the plush looks cute online then when you get it in the mail its all deformed and doesn't look anything like the sample picture. Sewn well with no open or loose seams. Quality materials and made to last. This little tiger cub is so cute!!!

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International Shipping

Attention customers in other countries, we are specialists at shipping our toys, including our large stuffed animals, out of the USA. We regularly ship our toys to private collectors, party planners, and schools in countries throughout the world including Canada, Australia, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. We are experts at dealing with customs and freight companies!

If you have questions about getting your Douglas Cuddle Toys stuffed animals or baby toys out of the USA to your country, visit our International Shipping Page, call us direct at
+1 516.665.2730, or send us an e-mail to

Outstanding Customer Service
provided by Phoenix Toys

We work continuously to make sure that every one of our customers has the best possible shopping experience. From helping to select the perfect gift for someone to finding the toy that's just right for your own kids or collection, we'll work with you on the phone, on-line, or via e-mail.

Need your order delivered FAST? In many cases, we can deliver your order on the SAME DAY or you can pick it up at our warehouse in NY!

If you need your order gift wrapped, and sent directly to your recipient, or if you absolutely must have it Today, we'll make it work! Call us toll free at 844-484-TOYS (8697) or
+1 516.665.2730
, or send us an e-mail to
What Our Customers Are Saying
about our legendary customer service

shipped super quick would purchase again and recommend this site
Ridgefield, CT
My son has been collecting Plush animals for years. He has quite the collection. However, his favorite brand is Douglas. When ever he figures out a new species he wants, he goes to the Douglas Toys site to make his wish list for birthday and Christmas. He says Douglas is his favorite brand of Plushies because the toy you see is what you get. We've been very disappointed in the past when ordering from other companies and the photo of the item looks adorable then when toy arrives it has ripped seams, stuffing falling out, loose hair or its so misshapen that you can't even tell what its supposed to be. We both agree that we always know when we order a Douglas Toys plush, we will get a quality, well made, soft, durable (they are played with and posed often not shelf sitters) stuffed animal with beautiful attention to detail. They hold up to years of play. The Douglas toy company has a huge variety and always coming up with new items. Thank you Douglas Toys! Keep up the good work!
Mary Ormiston
North Benton, OH
very helpful when the coupon was not working..
Kathleen Bean
Mokena, IL
Great experience! Very fast shipping!!
Karen Schneider
Palmyra, NJ
Good Products and Good prices.
Tina Ware
Hiawassee, GA
Douglas Toys cares about its customers, as well as its products. That is evident from the first time you click on their website, to making your selections, to receiving your confirmation order. Douglas Toys is also committed to providing an abundance of toys, props, and accessories to lend a hand in the creative minds of children.
Columbus, OH
Great customer service and promptness of delivery
Richard Arone
White Plai, NY
Thanks for the effort to combine orders. You did a great job and I appreciate you!
Monett, MO
Douglas Toys offers a very nice selection of finely crafted 'critters' which are used in adult Scouting Wood Badge Program. I'll continue to order from them without a double.
Michael Nepi
Lorton, VA
The folks at Phoenix Toys are exceptionally helpful and kind. Could not ask for better customer service. They went out of their way and spent extra time to get me some information of the item I was interested in. Great company!
Robin Sierra
San Rafael, CA
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Douglas Cuddle Toys & Phoenix Toys

Douglas Stuffed Animals, Douglas Plush Baby Toys, and Douglas Fashion Accessories are all available here at the Lowest Prices, with Free Shipping on orders over $25. Earn Loyalty Rewards Points that can be redeemed against future purchases - you can even get Free Douglas Toys when you accumulate enough points! Professionally Gift Wrapped and Embroidered Douglas Baby Toys make beautiful and memorable gifts for new babies and young girls and boys.

With the largest selection of Douglas Cuddle Toys available in one place, and excellent customer service, Phoenix Toys is your one-stop shop for all Douglas Toys!

Shipping Domestically and Internationally, including Canada, the UK, and Australia, the folks at Phoenix Toys have been providing excellent customer service to people throughout the world since 2007.